Welcome to our new world

It is said, “that the heart grows fonder”, meaning when one is away from something they love they have a tendency to miss it more, to appreciate what they had when they had it, even to romanticize the situation, person or place.

Looking backwards, as we are apt to do during the pandemic year of 2020, our “old” world can feel exactly like the description above. Covid-19 took a lot from each one of us, some more than others.

My heart grieves over those who were fatal victims of this pandemic. If you are reading this and you lost a loved during this last year my prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to you.

We are left with “our new world”. Things will never go back to the way they were. We are to figure out: work from home (wfh), Zoom meetings, life in a mask, did I remember to wash my hands? Thats only on the surface of things, there are blessings inside of the chaos, if you look deep enough to find them. 

Eden Market, Ltd is all about creating home, a place you can love to live and work in. Our spaces are more important than ever.

As a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner and Life coach, I encourage you to find the silver lining in “our new world”. Create a beautiful home haven & home office. Think about starting a new business if the old one is gone. You can do it! Dig deep, what you need is in there to push into 2021.
As always, my door is open to new Life Coach clients. Wishing you all well. 

xx~hugs Sherri


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