We have updated our “ About Us” page with a message from our Founder.
EML is working toward becoming a company that is fully embracing the sustainability movement of our product offerings. You might wonder what that means for you the customer? It means shorter shipping/delivery times, and many new unique items “Goods From Around The Globe”  imports from the far reaches of the globe 🌏 (as well as homegrown USA 🇺🇸 products) that when purchased create a sustainable livelihood for our business suppliers.

EML has mentioned in the past,  (but it bears repeating) many of our items are here today, gone tomorrow. It is the nature of the import business. 
Over the past year we have offered certain product collections that sad as-it may be, though popular in some cases, just weren’t a good fit for the direction EML was going in. So we happily move on and stretch our wings towards new and better horizons, we hope you’ ll be along for the flight ✈️  
Carry on…



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