To Jute or Not to Jute?

To Jute or Not to Jute?

Jute Rugs…..We Love the way they look in other peoples homes, on Pinterest on Instagram and even on Facebook. You can buy them in many different places online or in the real world.  Things to look out for are low low prices ( too good to be true? Probably) there are quality differences in Jute rugs I’ve learned this the hard way. So what I’m going to do here is give you the skinny on what’s happening in the Jute rug marketplace. Not all Jute rugs are created equal.

A few years ago now, I was looking for “the” ideal runner for my kitchen high traffic area that was spill proof (meaning easy no-stain clean-up) and good looking for years to come. It needed to be a durable rug that is somewhat soft and silky feeling on the feet ( barefoot in the kitchen!) and this is when the Jute rug became a favorite all time rug. 

I ended up going with a 12’x 2.5’ blue runner with a hand woven knotted texture and a fairly long fringe on both ends. I adore this rug, it’s been in my kitchen for two years and I don’t regret the purchase. (it’s getting ready to migrate to another area that has a frequent walk pattern). This rug has broken in splendidly creating a softer silky sheen of a blue muted color and a soft feel under foot, not soft like shag, certainly not prickly either.  I would recommend a rug pad if your not a fan of sliding (rug tape) on tile or wood floors, this will also add cush.

Photo Credit: Eden Market, Ltd

So yay!! I get to purchase a new Jute rug and I have decided that I’m going to go with the similar version  (handwoven knotted Jute) but in a neutral color in a shorter length something that is somewhere between 7’ and 10’ vs the 12’ version.
A neutral color lends itself more to “rug layering” should I choose to do so later on in the kitchen.

Being in the market for other rugs for different rooms in my home, the decision was made to do “rug layering” in a few rooms.  Layering is a very trendy,  modern and an aesthetically pleasing look, when done right.

Photo Credit via Pinterest 

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Jute rugs lend themselves to the warmth and durability that we’re looking for when we purchase one. A Jute Rug is eco-friendly and let’s not forget pet and children friendly.

Ideally, I was just looking for a piece that would stay with me for years to come. A Jute rug I could move from one room to another without concerns over color clashing. I like the idea of versatility with all of my furniture and rugs though that doesn’t always happen it’s nice when it does. I don’t know about you, but I change out my rooms frequently in little ways throughout the year. It keeps your home fresh. The neutrality of the color of the Jute rug was very important to me. Here are my choices:

Photo Credit via Eden Market, Ltd

Runner in Knotted hand woven Jute (Kitchen)


 Photo Credit via Eden Market, Ltd

9 x 6 Jute Area Rug (Living Room)

 Types of Jute 

  • White Jute: You can tell by the name that this type of jute is brighter in color than the others. However, this type is less durable than many others. 
  • Tossa Jute: Tossa is the most popular type of jute in recent times. It is a brown shade, with long and strong fibers.
  • Mesta Jute: This type of fiber is a combination of white jute and Tossa jute.
  • Jute Cuttings: These might seem like a waste at first sight, but they can be very useful for making rudimental textiles. 
    *excerpt via

The Jute rugs shown above come from the Tossa Jute family.  

When choosing your new jute rug go for quality,  cheapest isn’t always best. Expect a small amount of shedding in the early days, but no worries this too shall pass.  

Some help if you need it on cleaning your rug if necessary, though I find natural cleaning and weekly maintenance such as a good shake or a vacuum without the beater bar suffice.

How to Clean a Jute rug  


We aren’t done placing Jute rugs in the Shoppe this week, so stay tuned in for more of the best in quality Jute rugs. 

Happy Designing!!

~hugs XX Sher 


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