Favorite Best Sellers This Month Curated By Our Customers

Favorite Best Sellers This Month Curated By Our Customers

We thought you’d like to see which “Popular” items you chose this month. EML’s customer’s have great taste! Items to make your “stay at home” pleasurable, things to dress up the place a bit.

Beautiful Pine Dining Table handcrafted in Turkey

Handcrafted Japanese Beech or Walnut Cutting boards

Trendy Fluffy Bedding Ensemble, White was the favorite color with pink, blue and purple as runner ups.

Something beautiful and shiny to reflect the suns rays, EML Crystal Suncatchers, find them in our Ambience Collection.



The beautiful “Starlight” hand painted Japanese style dishes, worth the investment for a lifetime of pleasure.

Quaint silk tulip bundles in a variety of colors, nothing says home more

Baskets that hang, a very popular version 

Trending macrame baskets 

Baskets with tops for all the stuff you need to organize or want to hide 2 sizes

The “Original” Banana Pouf it’s the real deal.... comes in 3 sizes extra seating options 

Hand painted full size mugs or the “mini” espresso version either way they’re gorgeous and need to find a place in your cupboard

Thank you for picking such beautiful items from Eden Market, Ltds shoppe this month! Though these items were a few of the top choices, there is so much more to see. We add and take away items everyday, so if you love it today buy it, or it may go away. EML wants to stay on top of the things YOU love ❤️ we specialize in “ Goods from around the globe”

Thank you for being such wonderful customers and hanging in there with us during our shipping woes.... this too shall pass.

xx~hugs ❤️ Sher

Eden Market, Ltd Founder/ CEO

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